La Due Stone: blocks, slabs, finished products and the laying of every kind of natural materials

La Due Stone supplies blocks, slabs, finished products and the laying of  every kind of natural materials:

- Marble
- Granite
- Stones
- Travertine
- Onyx
- Slate
- Limestone
- Sandstone
 Both of Italian and foreign origin;

- We provide directly to building enterprises and to PRIVATES both standard and special works (cut to measure works and also based on a particular drawing works  such as:
  • stairs
  • columns
  • internal and external floors
  • wall and swimming pool coating
  • tables
  • pavements

(our  technical office provides a complete service  for all what concerns drawing and forms, in collaboration with an architect  and supported by an  adequate software) we offer also a laying service;
- Yard Survey execution  under request;
- Realization of projects abroad with material supply, assistance and laying;
- Our enterprise collaborates with other Italian societies by supplying finished products and  by working their materials;
- We are specialized in supplying peculiar marble and granite blocks and slabs (with particular features- suitable to banked   floors, windy façades  with relatives anchorages).

We also supply:

Pre-assembled natural wood panels
to cover banked floors.
Pre-assembled and pre-shaped natural wood panels for boats and yachts.
Modular natural wood panels suitable for the laying on masset.

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