La Due Stone: OUR STORY

La Due Stone enterprise was constituted at the beginning of 2004. The aim of the society is to provide a first-class professional laying service; we can count on the collaboration of qualified  members with a ten-year experience in the marble/granite field. The enterprise  can offer material supply and a punctual laying service as well.

Even if La Due Stone has not operated for a very long period, it has already obtained success in its field, because:

-We are supported by an excellent layer team;

-We provide import-export of stony material (in Italy and abroad);

-We offer a professional and quality laying services in Italy and abroad;

-We buy materials directly in the quarry, operating by personal choice;

-We supply every kind of natural material: marble / granite /stones / travertine / onyx / slate / Limestone / sandstone, both of Italian and foreign origin;

We provide directly, to building enterprises, both standard and special works (cut to measure works and also based on a particular drawing works (our  technical office provides a complete service  for all what concerns drawing and forms, in collaboration with an architect  and supported by an  adequate software);


-We realize yard survey  under request;

- We realize projects abroad and supply material, assistance and laying;

- Our enterprise collaborates with other Italian societies by supplying finished products and  by working their materials.

La Due  Stone workers and collaborators have been actively engaged in the supply  of Bianco di Carrara,Bardiglio, Verde Jaco for the Cemetery of Milan, they have also provided assistance in the laying paying frequent visits to the Yard. They have also been engaged in the supply  of Giallo Giallo Provenza, Nero Zimbawe, Rosso Alicante, Nero Marquina for a project in The south of France (floors and bathroom coating). The laying has always been done by the owners of LA Due themselves. In 2004 la Due realized also the laying of the residence Bellini’s hall in   Miami – Florida.

In 2005  our firm owners and workers have collaborated in the supply of stony material to the Olympic village in Turin (winter Olympics -  Turin 2006).

La Due Stone is still regularly supplying marble, stones and granites to building enterprises in Verona and in the nearby, executing also, if requested,  the laying of the material..

We are specialized in supplying peculiar marble and granite blocks and slabs (with particular features- suitable to banked   floors, windy façades  with relatives anchorages).

La Due staff is made of competent, serious and technically prepared people, they have a deep knowledge of the materials, their features and use;  they can boast the collaboration  to prestigious projects such as:
- Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong
- Hyatt in Melbourne
- Banjialuka Basilic/Bosnia
- Net Center in Padua
- Versace shops in London, Monaco, St.Moritz and Phoenix-Arizona.

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